Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Jesters Bar

Kenck & Company Saloon / King & Nuss Grocers (200-202 North Rodney)
In the wake of disastrous fires of the previous decade, brick buildings like
this mid-1880s combination business and rooming house gradually displaced less
substantial frame constructions. F. J. Kenck’s saloon originally shared space
with King and Nuss’s grocery/feed store, while second-floor furnished rooms
helped alleviate a housing shortage. In 1918, Prohibition interrupted the saloon
business until 1939, when new owner Frank Jester opened his tavern. Today this
refined Italianate style building, with its flat roof, bracketed cornice, arched
, and thirteen interior chimneys, continues to serve its intended
function, recalling the neighborhood prosperity that followed on the heels of
the Northern Pacific Railroad.